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Pulling Gib Keys (What a great tool!)

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Reno Speedster:
I just pulled the Gib Keys on my Ashwamegh with a Gib Key Puller George loaned me and it worked like a champ!  Very easy to use and they came out clean as a whistle (well once I scraped off some of the paint and bondo the Indians slap over everything).  The flywheels came off and the crank came out in a minute.  Now I can take the case to be hot tanked and start the reassembly.    I wish the indians would have spent a bit more time finishing some of the critical parts rather than applying Bondo on everything but hey its will all come out right.  But I digress....  George's tool is a good one and when he has a few more made I will have to add one to the tool box. 



After hot-tanking you  can easily clean up any surfaces that aren't up to par.  A 4.5" angle grinder with a flap-disk type sanding disk makes short work of surface imperfections.  Once I had stripped the paint with chemical stripper I applied the sander to it and smoothed it out.  It turned out beautiful and only took three disks at a few bucks each.  I recommend 60 or 80 grit, no finer! 


I used a needle scaler on all was amazing what was actually debris and sand and not cast iron.  That applies to inside as well as outside.

A needle scaler breaks out bubbles and pits and loosens the sand AND seals the surface by peening.

Bondo works wonders on the outside.   ;D

Is that the same gib key removal tool as in "Quinn of gib key removal fame". :)
I will need to make one of those...thanks for the drawing.


I dunno. Sounds like George has a puller.  My idea was just a set of wedges.  I sent George a drawing, explaining what I did, and I heard from someone else that it's on the CD.  Of course he's welcome to use it any way he wants.  It's a simple, low-tech solution to a low-tech problem we all face with these engines.



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