Author Topic: Simple Centrifuge Bowl For Sale $300.00 USD  (Read 4215 times)


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Simple Centrifuge Bowl For Sale $300.00 USD
« on: February 12, 2011, 01:02:23 PM »
This bowl is one of the later, one piece designs without the keyless bushing mod. It can be sent to Simple Centrifuge to be upgraded. You can get some runout with this design and fiddling is sometimes needed to get it perfectly smooth. This design works well. Iíve never changed the filter on the Listeroid and Iíve gotten 5k miles on the Benz filter. I donít get my oil above 110įf before centrifuging. More heat would improve performance. Iím going to upgrade to the newest rotor design and will not need this one. Iíve seen them as low as $450.00 on the SC website but I paid a bit more. If you haven't seen one in person having it professionally machined from billet and balanced makes for a very nice piece.

Bowl only.

Thanks, Geno

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