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Home made diesel from WMO
« on: January 30, 2011, 07:25:27 PM »
I found these videos on accident while browsing YouTube.  

***Make sure to close the Google ads that cover up the text he posted and heed his warnings***

Redkrabby, nice job!  Don't know if he's on this forum.  If he is, don't mean to steal your thunder.

So, before all of the critics take off, please take the time to read his answers to questions below.  He usually redirects the off gasses to help power the burner and only was showing that they were combustible for the video.  He knows better than to breathe them.  Also, he didn't have pressure gauges in place when he was shooting but has them now.  Finally, he is able to take the residual left in the boiler, mix with diesel and feed to the burner.  Finally, he only feeds very small amounts of WMO into the boiler at a time to minimize the risks.

Yes, all of the usual don't try this stuff at home unless you know what you're doing warnings apply.

Nevertheless, all very interesting in my estimation.




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