Author Topic: ST-10 Gen Head (South Florida) Pick up only  (Read 3171 times)


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ST-10 Gen Head (South Florida) Pick up only
« on: January 08, 2011, 06:33:17 AM »
I have a new in the crate, never used nor opened ST 10 Gen Head purchased from Central Georgia Generator in 2010. Tom Osborne is a great guy to deal with, his gen heads are preimum, and I am so pleased with everyting purchased from him as are my friends.

Anyway, I picked up a trailer load of Generator Heads (4,000+ lbs) on my way through Geogia to save the shipping costs for myself and friends. After delievering everything, there is an extra ST 10 gen head for a build out that isnt going to happen. I posted the St 10 on South Florida Craigs list to non forum members for $549 but will sell it to anyone on the forum for what I paid for it ($480). It is available for pickup in West Palm Beach.

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