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ebay fees are insane


i was looking at the cost of selling a lister cs / genset on ebay... use to be they had a fee structure that got lower percentages the higher the selling price. now it appears they are charging a straight 9 percent no matter how high the price... sooooo... if you sell a genset for $3500 thats 3500 x .09 or $315.00 to sell your item! are they insane?

if you sign up at outlaw auctions you get a $25 site fee credit to your account. Sell a genset for $3500 and the fees come to i believe $12.75   which comes out of your credit leaving you still with a $12.25 credit.... in other words its free!

i recommend the site for anyone wishing to sell anything lister. leave a link here to the item and you will get traffic. i had around 300 hits on the genset and doubt ebay would have done better. if you are worried you wont get a good enough price put a reserve on your item

yes and if you take payment other then cash upon pick up you have no choice but to take Paypal and they get you again for more of your sale PLUS if you are a new seller or selling certain items or the sale is over a given amount the no good $$&^$, uh sorry, fine gentilmen wont release your payment money to your account for something like 10 days or untill afterthe buyer gives you positive rep. I sold a chain saw that brought $900 and put a couple extra pics in the ad but no other frills and my charges including Paypal were over $100 anf waited for a week for them to release my money. Told them enjoy they would get no more.

Amazon is VERY greedy when it comes to taking their cut.  They pulled the trick of holding my money for several weeks while they "reviewed" me.  I learned a very expensive lesson with them.

Best deal these days seems to be Craigslist



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