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Lister Diesel OFF Grid Vert engine LD 1cyl Prepper on Ebay USA

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Pretty neat.  First one like this I've seen.


Some information you might find useful before considering purchasing this item:

--- Quote --- Not sure if the RPM (2250 RPM) indicated on the tag is the engine RPM or the output shaft RPM. The output shaft turns at TWICE the engine RPM. Engine governor is adjustable.

--- End quote ---

The engine will run at the stated RPM, the output shaft on the camshaft end runs at 1/2 engine speed.

Whilst the engine govenor is adjustable, it can only be used to make a +/- 5% change in engine speed, beyond this you will need to start thinking about changing govenor weights, and springs (all of which are internal).

This engine is anti-clockwise rotation (notice the unusual flywheel fanshroud and the letter Z in the serial number), if you have ever started an anticlockwise rotation engine, it feels alien compared to a clockwise rotation engine. The starting handles are interchangable, providing you turn the pawl though 180 degrees.

It is a Lister SL engine and not LD as the seller has described. This is an uprated version of the LD and has a 3.3/16" bore compared to the LD 3" bore. Hence there are many internal detail differences, and piston components are starting to get tricky to source if you want genuine OEM parts.

Thank you Listard, ;) I kept looking at that auction and those pictures trying to fgure out what was odd looking about that engine. Are the differing governor weights and springs generaly available over there should a person need them?

The govenor weights, govenor springs, and speeder springs are still available through the Lister-petter dealer network.

A word of caution though, you really need to refer to the workshop manual before you ask the dealer about springs, as there is a bewildering choice. Also you will need to dismantle part of the govenor linkage to change the weights, and the manual gives you the correct dimensions for putting it all back together.

All of the springs are colour coded according to the speed range they cover.

Wow!!! that engine went for $1530  :o, hope the buyer  got a starting handle to go with it, as there was no mention of one in the listing. Someone should start thinking about shipping a crate load of single cylinder Lister aircooled engines from the UK if those sort of prices are being realised this close to Christmas.

I would have thought that ebay item would have being a better choice for a home brew power system for anyone who has a natural gas supply to thier house. Although obvoiusly needing a rebuild it would still be alot cheaper in the long run. The seller has being listing these items for months and cant seem to shift them, even though the asking price has steadily being reduced over time.


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