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It is probably a really good engine, but the guy who listed it on ebay didn't do a good sales job.
He should have said what was rebuilt, and taken the time to hook up a small fuel and cooling tank for a test run video.
It's those things that will help sell an engine for top dollar.  Kind of like the pictures and video you posted for the auction.....

The bottom has dropped out of the market.
Lister CS engines are nice but that's a lot of money.
Is a collector going to pay a lot for a Lister CS or is some one going to pay that much just to make a generator.
I think prices are going to come down,just like property.


It's Christmas and big boy toys take a back seat for a month or two.  But starting at $3000 isn't an auction.  That's a "buy-it-now" price from what I've seen. 

That engine could run easily a full minute before requiring water and probably 5 with the bottom plugged and the jacket filled to the top.  Show me the movie.  And where are you if you haul this thing two states away and have gray oil after the second warm-up?  Risk should have a good return not MRSP.


Spencer good luck with the idea the bottom has dropped out. The market continues to go up since the Indian cheap imitations are on the hit list. There are more people everyday looking for ways to get freedom from the utility companies. Using one of these and harvesting all of the energy from them possible will be a saving even if you had to purchase all of the fuel. We have 5 people buying SOM units form the UK as investments in their future for energy, not toys. DD

I hope it works out, but people will often tell you one thing and then go and do some thing completely different.
The price of Lister generators is still strong in the UK where as the price of other things has dropped.
Lister SOM generators are still making very good money in the UK and I know you Yanks love them.
If you have people wanting Lister generators you can buy a Lister FR2 10 KVA electric start stop generator and a Lister CS SOM 2.5 KVA generator from me , all in good working order.



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