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Oil Screen and move
« on: May 07, 2006, 12:33:34 AM »
Hi Well I got the 28/2 moved to day. I found a neighbor who had a Backhoe to trade favors. I will make sure the A/C on his son new trailer is hooked up and running properly.
I spent the rest of the day working on the 28/2. I pulled the oil pump and screen to clean them up and make sure they could work as designed.
THe link is to a picture of the screen. Pretty ugly looking for only about 1.5 hours running time.
It turned out to be mostly string pieces. The indian mecanics would wrap string around threaded fittings to seal them instead of a gasket.
Before pulling the oil pump I sucked the oil out into a refrigerant recovery tank. Looks like a propane tank. I used my refrigerant vacuum pump to pull the oil. After I had worked on the oil pump I blew the oil back in through a Toilet paper filter. I like the cheap filter element for these filters!
I cleaned the ball seats and polished the piston where it contacts the cam. The original finish was very rough.
I put in 8" long 1/2" lag bolts the keep the engine in place when running. I couldn't help it I had to start it! I does start nice. I had pulled the upper spring and ball from the oil pump to prime it. The space below the lower ball is still full of air. After starting the engine it took over a minute to purge that air and start oiling the engine. The pressure is still low 10-15psi. The gage is an unknown. I will try a different gage when I can.
I have an oil leak from the bearing holder opposite the crank side. I looks like I will have to pull the fly wheel and bearing holder to see whats up.
I bought a pulley and tapered bushing for the gen head. The keyway in the sleeve doesn't match the key that fits the shaft! A trip to the machine shop. Pick it up monday. Then get the head lined up and measure for the belt and order that.
28/2 powersolutions JKSon -20k gen head
Still in devlopment for 24/7 operation, 77 hours running time