Author Topic: JiangDong 175A main bearing failure  (Read 2719 times)


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JiangDong 175A main bearing failure
« on: January 24, 2010, 10:17:57 PM »
I spent last evening tearing into my JD175.  The small (timing end) crank main bearing (6209), has apparently been operating in a blown-up condition for quite some time making a shaking vibration that had me totally scratching my head.  The symptoms were made fuzzy because I also have a massive 180 lb. flywheel spinning on the same frame and the vibration occurred at a beat frequency between the big flywheel and the engine flywheel speeds and noticeable only at certain rpm's.  Last time I ran it it suddenly got a lot worse so I decided it was time to shut 'er down and tear into it.  At least four balls appear to have disintegrated taking out the rotating spider-carrier which was shredded and strewn about. Shrapnel was scattered all over inside the crankcase.   Now I know what was causing a curious mystery vibration!  My added neo sump magnet caught some of it.  My added full-flow spin on canister oil filter between the oil pump and the rest of the engine engiine has provided a clean supply of lube oil all along. These two DIY add-ons likely saved the engine from fatal damage given that I continued to run it for many hours after the initial bearing failure. No other damage that I can see.  Crank pin and lower rod bearing are spotless.  Must pickup a new bearing on Monday and get this little genset back in operating condition.

Since JD has a reputation for failures of their poor quality Chinese bearings, not using outsourced quality bearings like is done by Changfa, I should also replace the larger flywheel side ball bearing but I am dirt poor and that one may break the budget.  However, now is the time to get at it easy though since I now have the crankshaft out of the engine.
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