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 Question for Lister(oid) owners--

It seems the pinion "spud" that the pinion gear spins on is designed to be oiled from the top just like the big end of the rod, but I see by going back to the pictures I took of my brand new engine that the spud was rotated 90% out for that to be the case.
  Has anyone noticed how their engine came out of the crate?  You can feel the oil notch with a short-bent paper clip run around the bevel between the base of the spud and the face of the gear.

I oriented mine with the notch 'up' to catch the 'bout ya'll?

   I just took a picture that I believe is what you are talking about…how do I post it?



Click on the Coppermine link in the top right corner and click on 'admin mode'  then  'add picture'.  It'll automatically put it in your album.  The second half instructions were posted by Quinn.   ;)

Joe: this what you are referring to? Camera was at an odd angle..I can go and check to see what clock position if that is the right hole.


Hmm...small picture...story of my life...
I down loaded it from here and enlarged it...all the clarity was gone. ???


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