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engines for sale
« on: January 22, 2010, 01:58:04 AM »
I started my new year traveling with a week in south Florida at the Florida flywheelers engine swap meet... cold the first few days but warmed up and was very nice by the end of the week.....the only problem was the lack of engines for sale... very few.on the other hand the display of engines was the best in years.some of the best and well maintained engines that I have seen in years were on display.I walked around for hours just watching and recording the displays,,,I am always amazed of the engine builders from the early last century.. if you look careful, not much is new, a lot of the modern ideas were tried a 100 years the last few years i never see  any Lister clones or Petters. in all of my travels ,I have seen less than a dozen origanal Listers etc./just not that many out there.any way ,back in Feb. for another show. I will see what is out there....sid
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