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hello all, would like to trade my 195 chanfa for a lister,iod,petter or iod must be air cooled c/i .  i have all spares for chanfa. blink

The Changfa guys must be biting there tongues, for they are only lurkers now.   :-X

Hello prof.blink
Could you detail this 195:
 IDI or DI?
Radiator or hopper cooled?
Year manufactured/Age/hours on this engine?
Original Importer source?

Are you asking for a cast iron, single cylinder, diesel, AIR COOLED engine trade?


steveu, idi-------rad w/no pump or fan but w/ pulley behind flywheel.  195-115  b+stroke  hrs unknown but un-used hobby eng. runs well starts well in cold un-heated building.  blink

I have a 10 hp electric start liquid cooled Petteroid I guess I have to sell rather than swap

800 buys it plus extra rings bearings piston liner head IPs Injectors gaskets cam....
very long list of parts if interested.

The engine is all cleaned and been preped for use. I can have the engine knockjed down and ready to ship in a few days


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