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For those of you who are interested in what's involved in making biodiesel, here's an excellent site.  Some friends are doing this, using waste fry oil from the kitchen of a large corporate employer nearby my work, and the product is of the consistency and color and clarity of mineral diesel.  Their diesel VW jettas have no complaints and run on it daily. 

I've made a few batches myself just for grins and the process works well.  Making it cost-effective would take some investment in time and a little space for equipment, which can be found in any junkyard.  The biggest recurring expense is securing a reliable supply of affordable methanol, but probably the most difficult task is finding a source of relatively clean oil without too much animal fat.  However beggars can't be choosers.  It all burns. 

Maybe this can be a place where we can generate some interesting discussion.  Enjoy.


Please be aware that much of the information concerning biodiesel brewing protocols (recipes) found on the Journey To Forever website are outdated at best, and downright misleading or wrong at worst.  Although the website is attractive and appears well researched, there are fundamental errors that will cause a new home brewer a world of trouble.  Especially, you should avoid using the so called "Fool Proof" method.  It's wrong and will cause you to make bad fuel, or no fuel at all.

I do not lightly offer this criticism, but this is important to the folks who are new to the hobby.  I am one of many who hold this opinion. 

A far better resource is:

Some of the smartest biodiesel amateurs and professionals from around the world are frequent contributors to this discussion list.  And unlike the JTF site, they are genuinely interested in science, experimentation and helping the newer members.

If you go to the the infopop site and do a search for the "Foolproof Method" you will find loads of information from lots of people with integrity and know-how, who are highly critical of the junk science behind this recipe.  It pains me to say this, but the gentleman who runs the JTF site is widely acknowledged as the laughingstock of the home brew biodiesel world.  There is no easy way to put that.

On the bright side, both my Lister and my VW love the home brew.

Finest regards,


WOW!!  What a load of great information.  .  ;D

Dear Hotater,

I am officially warning you that if you fiddle around very much with biodiesel, and/or the Infopop website, you will be completely addicted and there is no known cure.

Good luck and have fun!!


ps, this post/laptop is biodiesel/Listeroid powered

Hi All,

I have an "appleseed" (converted 175 litre electric hot water tank) reactor running in my garage... and have pumped a few thousand litres of biodiesel through it using the two step (acid/base) method as outlined in the infopop site mentioned earlier in this string.

I think that the Journey to Forever site is a good place to get an overview but the technical expertise is to be found on the infopop site.

I run my cummins powered truck and my parents TDI VW on 100% Bio... (The VW has run on it since new) I plan to use Bio to run a Listeroid Genset....

Given that I haven't purchased the Listeroid yet.... does anyone have any info on bio compatability in the Lister clones?  I know that the original seals in the (chinese made) gear pump I use in my reactor lasted about ten minutes once Biodiesel hit them!




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