Author Topic: Yanmar yeah!.........but white smoke  (Read 25965 times)


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Re: Yanmar yeah!.........but white smoke
« Reply #30 on: August 18, 2009, 05:49:29 PM »
Guys, like i said the engines were not the best quality reman engines ever seen but with straight cut blower gears i wouldnt believe it waspossible to eat a phone book either but i was there,maybe its just a fluke but true it was the only eng that i was within 4-5 feet of that ran away like that,heard of many other stories that the engines ran away  and some guys were not so lucky to not receive any scratches or worse.i beleive it is the m109a2 engines that have the helical blower vanes,never saw it eat a phone but thats because the guys 2"-3" wooden  board with a steel backing board and handle when they test run them up.
Now it is possible that we missed a fuel line that was leaking but the oil smelled burnt not saturated with d fuel and all the lines were tight and we didnt find any bent flares or cracked lines,possible that they had installed plugs in the eng. we never had a very indepth course of the 6v53 just was the basic diesel course that encompassed all types of diesels and inj pumps. and that was back in 82,so as we tore down a eng to just take a look we sorta thought thats they way they made them, plug here ,this line there etc..they were a lot wasier to work on back then with a heck of a lot less electronics and wiring than the new detroits that they use in our newer bisons or apc,s. All i know is that the new apc eng produces something like 425-450 hp from a detroit 6v53 or it might be a 8v53 these days.
Still working on finding a lister gennie.