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The rarely heard of, yet incredible SVO source

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This source is eclipsed only by the promise of oil from algae (which will require a huge capital investment) and possibly rivaled by palm oil, relative to yield per acre.

And it is "virtually impossible to eliminate" once it's introduced into an area. It is a proven substitute for PD.

Unfortunately, it is only found growing in certain parts of the country (where it just takes over once introduced), and where it isn't found, nobody will want to see it introduced.

The good news is that is thrives on land that has little use for any other ag purposes.

It's the Chinese Tallow tree.

We're trying to get a handle on how to harvest it economically. Any ideas???

BTW, seeing that there is a WVO forum but no SVO forum, may I suggest starting an SVO forum since there is an interest here in extracting SVO?

I didn't know anyone else ever heard of it. I heard where there is one of these and the owner is struggling to keep it under control. The state doesn't know about it yet and I have permission to get samples. I think he wants to destroy it eventually.

After reading the attached file, I don't know why it hasn't spread further. The USDA stated that the precise mechanism for spread is not really known. The paper further states that it was considered in the 80's for biomass and oil production on the Gulf coast.

Perhaps since oil is sky high, it might be time for another look.
Wonder what the biodiesel potential is for the oil. So little time.

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