Author Topic: Hopper cooled diesels made in Germany  (Read 2890 times)


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Hopper cooled diesels made in Germany
« on: July 02, 2009, 04:43:59 PM »
I took the family to Germany to visit some relatives and while there we stayed at a farm and the owner there had a couple interesting tractors in his collection of junk.  One of them was a Kramer with a hopper cooled single cylinder horizontal diesel that looks remarkably similar to the engines from China.

Pictures of the tractors can be seen here:


For those of you on dialup you'll have to wait a long time for everything to download, I didn't thumbnail the images so they are pretty big.  If anyone would like a high res copy of any pictures send me an e-mail with the filename and I'll send them over.

There is a Youtube video of a similar Kramer running here: