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Jatropha/lister power plant video


Check out this ten minute video that shows a village in India with a listeroid power plant.  :D

Now that is pretty cool!

brought tears to my eyes

The industrial revolution finally just made it to that little village. And to think the listeroids were built in there own country probably not to far away.

Green fuel no less.

University of Florida has a big experiment going on here in the south with the jatropha plant , seeds are fairly cheap and should grow well if your near the eqautor , I have ordered a few seeds to plant about 1/2 acre hear to play with . I do wonder what will happen once they take over like kudzu ? 
I like those numbers of 1000 gal of oil per acre , I wonder how close to reality that is

I liked the idea that fallow land is used, and also hedgrows.
By fitting the Jatropha plants in between existing infrastructure, instead of replacing it, nothing else is pushed out.
Those picture made me think of the US around WWI when rural comunities did not have power. In the US, towns that decided to have electricity had to finance and commision powerplants, and the rate for power seems He**aciously high. Yet the new private power companies thrived because of the benefits of electrification.
The co-op (or stock holder) and finance model shown in the video is a long established and sucessful model. Local sourcing of equipment and tallent is an other.


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