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I decided to try making biodiesel using the DrPepper method on both new and used oil. Both batches turned out good I guess. Should this stuff smell kind of like Dial soap or does that mean I need to wash it more?


Not sure what Dial soap smells like :D , but most finished bioD has a slight smell remaining due to the methanol.
The Dr.Pepper method is more of a small batch experiment that does not usually yield high quality bioD.
As a precaution, I would suggest washing 3 more times.

In larger home reactor setups, a typical cleaning consists of 3 mist washings each using water equating to 20%-25% of the total batch size.
(Some people also bubble wash the batch multiple times for 6-12 hours).
Then the bioD is "dried" using various methods.

I'm assuming your batch still has some soaps, methanol, and gycerine.
When methanol is present, it helps keep the glycerine and soap in suspention so it's harder to clean.

After washing, let it stand in an open container (not a narrow mouth bottle) for 3-5 days to help dry it. You should see a big improvement in clarity.
Then filter it to 10 micron before letting your diesel ingest it.


Thanks Veggie, washing a small amount of bio in a soda bottle made for some very thorough washing. This is kind of addictive, now I just need to step up to larger batches.


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