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Mr. X Produces Bio Diesel May 9, 2009

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Can I remind you of my post re explosion risk, about 1/2 dozen threads down, It doesn't need too much to raise the roof...

Regards, RAB

In another words; It's some nasty-ass stuff that should be treated with respect.  And makes gasoline look like a safe and economical parts washing solvent which evolves into an effective weed killer and driveway dust control agent. 

Low Gear


Biodiesel systems become unsafe when venting rules are ignored.
If the reactor and wash thank are vented outdoors, then the risk is substantially reduced.
I think most biodiesel accidents occur when the tanks are vented into the room where they reside.
If basic safety rules are followed, the system can be quite safe.
It's all up to the user and the level of comfort when taking short cuts.


Dear Veggiefuel,

You know you're suggesting common sense.  I agree.

The trick part about cars and LPG containers of explosive chemicals is that the substances are not vaporized.  Well not before the explosion and that’s what limits their explosive results.  Think about all the work an automobile does on a tank of gasoline or alcohol in Brazil and then think if all that work was done in a second or two.  Oops, I used the “think” word.  (Indecently, noting that Brazil uses ethanol doesn’t significantly discount the analogy.  We’re talking concepts here not mathematical or scientific proofs.)



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