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Finding Parts for '70's 3 cylender air cooled gen set

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Peter C.:
I'm looking at a air cooled 20HP engine with a integral gen set.
How hard is it to find parts for these? I am pretty sure the fuel pump is not working and there may be other parts needing replacement and repair. Any advice to a newbie for these type gen sets? What kind of price should consider?

Peter C.

You don't say what type of engine this is or where you are. I am guessing it's a HR3 and your in the UK. Try here they are primarily canal boat engineers but are happy to deal with generators etc. If you scroll to the bottom of the list you will find Marine engine services of Uxbridge. I have found them very helpful in the past.

Peter C.:
I'm in California- I have an engine number now, Its US1252ST3A28. Any idea on year built???

What I need for now is Valve rocker clearance. I set them by feal because I didn't have a gauge with me today! and they where WAY out of adjustment.
For now, I think all I'm going to do is change the oil and filter and adjust the valves better and hopefully to spec. if I can find one and hook it up!!! See how it does under load ;D

             Hello there, Peter C.
                                         You should have a solid but noisy old unit there.To decode the engine number, I,m guessing the US means US market model (1800 rpm)
       Next digits are serial no. for that year, Model is ST, 3= 3 cylinders, A= anticlockwise (viewing flywheel end) 28 added to 1950= 1978 build.
       Haven't got the manual close by, but round .008" comes to mind for valve clearance, don't go any less.I can look it up if no-one else replies. If valve settings were very
       loose check condition of rocker arm bushes, and if they are much worn run the motor with rocker covers off and note whether plenty of oil is flowing to bushes and
       valve gear. If not, then remove upper sidecover and check that rubber tee pieces on small oil lines are intact. Also worth draining oil and removing lower sidecover to
       remove and clean oil intake screen. I believe parts for ST models onwards are available but expensive. You may be able to seek out a North American source, or some
       forum members may know British sources. Don't worry about oil pressure seeming low when the engine is loaded and very hot. As long as it shows a few pounds it's OK
                                                                                                                        Regards,  Combustor.

Peter C.:
Thanks combuster!
Yes it is noisy. I'm hoping a bigger exaust muffler will help. The top end is getting oil. Its more like a drible than a splash. The rockers have oil at the valve stems but just bearly. I'm doing an oil change today so I will check the screen. Thanks!
Any advice for making it quiet? I'm planning on "hard" mounting it inside a shed with plenty of air flow. I want to vent the exaust outside for heat reduction and air quality.


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