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Jens, this is the information I recieved from one of the two individuals that are currently importing the Redstones.

Hi Mike;

I am in Canada, if you are as well I can help you out.  If you are in the U.S. I will pass you over to my associate there, Joel Koch, who has Redstones there.

I have a supply of them here, below is some technical data on them.  Price on an engine is $2495 Cdn.

One of these engines is capable of from about 10-12 HP continuous operation, up to about 24 HP, continuous.

A long-time (40+ years) diesel mechanic friend has this to say about it: "that engine should reach peak efficiency at around 1200-1300rpm

the piston speed  at 1300 rpm is  about 1200ft/min which puts it in the slow speed class of diesel engine's

same as the monster ocean ships running at 180 rpm

at 1300 rpm you should get about 12 kilowatt mechanical, and do a good match with
either an st10 or st12 head.

there will be nothing that will touch it in the listeroid world for economy"

Redstone RS115 specifications

Horizontal, single cylinder, two flywheel, electric start, water-cooled slow-speed diesel engine with alternator AND water pump.

5.315" Bore, 5.12" stroke

115 Cubic Inch Displacement

15.5 to 1 compression ratio

12 HP@1000 RPM

16 HP@1200 RPM

22 HP@1500 RPM

250 grams/KW/HR fuel consumption (reported elsewhere at 190 low at max torque, 220 at max RPM)

80 foot pounds of torque

2800 PSI injection pressure

Dry weight 800 pounds


We did some tests, and even at 1100 RPM, it did a good job.

They are a "modern" engine in that they have an enclosed valve train, are self oiling, etc.

They have a counterbalance shaft and the one I have seen run had no vibration from 900-1000 RPM to the top of its range (about 1500 RPM.). All reports so far is they are an extremely strong, durable engine. The main bearing on the crankshaft, (drive) side is almost 7" in diameter, and 1 1/2" wide!!

The engine holds about 14 quarts of oil, so this is no tiny pup!!

You also get spare parts, such as a ring set, large end rod bearing, head gasket, set of valves, and a few special tools, such as the flywheel puller.

We also stock the "PS" (good) ST heads as well, in 5, 7.5, 10, 12, 20, and 30 KW sizes.

If you are looking for lower cost diesel engines, we have those as well.

You can also see more on the engines at the following websites:

Please see , for a very similar engine.

Redstone info at


John P. Ferguson
Belleghuan Ltd

Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.  Mike H. ;D

I've also received a similar reply regarding these engines.

I was not comfortable with the concept that there on only two sources for parts in North America.  I specifically asked Mike who was building them because I wanted to do some homework on the manufacturer and see what else they built and wanted to find out about other's experiences with their products.

They were not willing to share who is building them as they were concerned that their investment in these engines and developing this market would be compromised.

I understood, but was still disappointed as I'm not willing to buy something like this for this amount of money if I don't have multiple parts sources.

Looks like a darn nice engine though!


i have seen only one so far, and was there to see it start and run for the first time,
what a brute, and a very well behaved brute it is

sitting on the shipping crate bottom clicking away at everywhere from ~1000rpm to 1500rpm
and it just sits there like it was bounded to the ground.

very well refined in its balance, has a real oil pump, full pressure lube to all important parts such as the
rod big end, piston oiler/cooler, DI

if i had need for the kind of power it is capable of i would have a pair of them now for myself!

who know's, i might change my mind should my needs increase for more power.

it is a quantum leap over any listeriod certainly, and in my opinion a large leap over even an original lister twin.

the price at first might seem a bit high, but looks competively priced to the listeroid twins
and for the money i would rather spend 2500 canadian on a redstone any day before parting with the same
money for a listeroid twin.

personally i think with a bit of governor work the redstone ought to be able to run reliably and smooth
at under a 1000rpm.

in my opinion as delivered they are very good at 12-1300rpm.
and i expect when the engine's get properly applied they will be the most efficient of all the listeroid/changfa options
i think the 250 gr/kwatt/hr is on the high side, i would not be at all surprised to hear that they can break the 220gr/kw/hr
barrier with very little work, and possibly much better than that.

if one gets a chance to see one run it will surely put a big smile on the face! :)

but what do i know, today is my 34th anniversary as a professional diesel mechanic :)
(who would of thought i would live this long?)


bob g

And one more, how can be possible just with one counter balance shaft?   Is there another hidden inside the crankcase to keep engine from hopping up and down if using one balance shaft?

Counter balance shafts tend to be in pairs for 1, 2 and 4 cylinders engines.

And one more,  12, 23HP is kind of large, won't there be smaller versions that is about half that even 8hp at less rpm for quietness, 9hp at max rpm?

And apogee_man had good points on multiple sources of makes for parts, back in the old days (pre 8088 era),  IBM had same concerns because only one maker that IBM wanted to use ICs was Intel and IBM had good sense to insist on at least two sources of same parts from different makers.  Governments had same concerns back then as well before that too.

Mobile_bob, how is the thumping vibration transmission into ground with this running of redstone especially under load?

Cheers, Wizard


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