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Re: Global Warming
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Ah....The silicon!  Hey, maybe that's the best way to clean them, rig up a big EMP generator and let em have it! (just hide your cell phone first).  ;D


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Re: Global Warming
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That's funny;
I work with electronic control diesel engines at work. I love 'em. They are more efficient, cleaner, and diagnose their own problems, which they don't have very often.
Now there is Gas Direct Injection, gasoline engines with no throttle! Fuel is injected direct into the cylinder, rich enough around the spark plug to fire an otherwise excessively lean mixture. I'm reading 20% increase in economy, and a reduction in emissions except NOx. These couldn't possibly run without 'silicon'. No more DIY for the new enviro-friendly cars and trucks! Pocket book friendly too, considering the highest lifecycle cost of a car is the fuel you pour thru it.
We are reduced to hobby status with our simple low speed engines. 
I still love 'em tho- :D
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