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So, I plan on doing some WVO Lister action. I just finished my car conversion and now I want to convert everything to WVO.  How about a WVO blender? or a WVO lawn mover??  Ahhh the possibilities!

The Green Monster is here and my buddy and I uncrated it this afternoon.  Man, is it big and green.  Green as well as big.  Have I mentioned Green?

I will take lots of pictures and document my"Grease Play" as it develops.  First thing is to get this bad boy running on diesel, let alone an alternitive fuel.

Does anyone know the best source for wvo? ie fast food, mom pop resteraunts?

Did you get it going yet?

I just got back from Amsterdam, where I broke no laws ;D

I have not done anything with my Lister yet.  I hope to get going on it quickly before it gets too cold.  It still has not been started.  As for the best source of WVO, I have only received oil from an Asian restaurant I am friendly with, and it seems like pretty good oil.  It is NOT hydrogentated.


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