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Cutting tire tread

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Seems to me, a tire tread like found along the interstate highways would make a wonderful vibration damper.  My Lister engine is bolted to I beams which sit directly on a concrete floor.  I would like to cut a truck tire tread into 4 pieces to install under the corners of the Lister frame.  Does anyone have any ideas on what to use to cut the rubber which is impregnated with steel chords?

You might try a sawzall with a metal cutting blade

A hacksaw with a fine tooth blade will work, however that is labor intensive. A chop saw with a metal cutting blade is the way I use. Also a die grinder with a cut off wheel will work. I have never tried a sawsall on tire, however I suspect it would work just fine.


Loren Johnston:
 I would think a piece of rubber conveyer belt (used of course) would also work under the frame of the Lister for vibration.

Yeah, but truck tire treads are everywhere!  I picked up one and brought it home and figured I'd put my old carbide tablesaw blade out of its misery.  It was an old Freud 60 tooth that had lose several teeth.  One pass across the piece of tread stripped off the remaining teeth!  Funny thing is, even without the teeth it still cut the steel cord, though it was smelly and not something I'd recommend.

Try a metal cutting abrasive blade in a skilsaw or table saw.  Once you cut through the steel cord plies the rubber cuts easily, although it's a bit smelly!   ;)

The rubber would probably do a good job absorbing some of the higher frequency mechanical noise that could otherwise telegraph through your I-beams.  I ended up not using them because the studs I welded to my frame weren't long enough to get a nut and washer on the stud with the rubber beneath the engine, and I built up the fillet around that stud so heavily I didn't relish the thought of all the cutting and grinding I'd have to do to remove it.

Plan first, weld later.   :P



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