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Mr Lister:

On Sunday I met Simon Wass who is restoring a 3.5 hp Lister CS engine.

He has access to sand blasting equipment, and certainly put it to good use.

Check out his photo site for the recent progress. In particular the quality of the flywheel castings after sandblasting

Some recent photos of the UK activites are on my website:



Those flywheels are great.  That's what the Indian ones look like only after at least a day of work, and then everyone knows the filler and paint are hiding a multitude of the manufacturer's sins.  I'm depressed. 


    Not all lister flywheels come up like that!
I have a "workhorse" lister L petrol of around 1924 vintage, and sent the flywheels for powder coating.The blasting removed a considerable amount of "Icing" to expose porosity like a sponge cake! The problem was restricted to the spokes but the larger bubbles are still clearly visible after coating. On seeing this I had visions of flywheel explosions (and all that entails!) but I've calmed down a bit now and assume it's OK because :- 1) as far as I understand it,flywheel strength is mainly in the rim, 2) This motor is only rated at 450 RPM, and 3) it's been OK for the last 80 years, so who am I to argue?
    It's weird seeing a motor of that age sitting next to my listeroid and knowing that some of the parts are interchangeable.If heaven has engines though,they probably have Lister on the side!




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