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Think i need some rebar to hold this bugger down!

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I don't think sand & cement can handle the "delicate" nature of the power output of Dave. The pillars have had the "hammer & boot" test to be sure they are secure.

This is after a 10 second run .....

Think i'm going to be recementing it and drilling in a few lengths of threadbar. Gah, nearly there :)

Need to consider sorting the exhaust too ...

breeze block fractures real easy

throw them away, make wooden boxes, fill with steel mesh, make sure base of mesh is attached to the ground via sturdy rawlbolts, fill boxes with cement, agitate, and leave to set, skim plaster over new pillars, leave to set, paint with enamel paint which cracks at very little movement.

piles of bricks or blocks are NEVER recommended for machinery mounts.

Bugger, oh well, it's a lesson i've learnt i suppose. At least now the engine is in place i can just jack it up and put a frame under it so i can work (bit tight on space!)

Throw out the mounting bolts from India ( I broke three of them) and get some of the biggest J-bolts can you find to hold this thing down.

Um . . . if you look at the pic, that ain't no Injun 'roid.  That's the real deal.


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