Author Topic: Pics of your veggie fueled listeroid  (Read 23666 times)


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Re: Pics of your veggie fueled listeroid
« Reply #30 on: June 12, 2008, 03:35:39 PM »

Took me a while searching  but finally found those excellent pictures of your solenoid shutdown project - just what I want to do with mine.  How is the project progressing?

Bah!  :-)

I've had so little time in the last 6 months to work on it.  I got all of the "big" parts done, painted, and/or coated.  Now I'm re-painting the engine, which has been on hold for... two months?  Anyway, as soon as I'm back home for more than a day at a time I'll finish the painting of the Lister, re-assemble everything, and then begin to work on functional tuning (like getting the solenoid/plunger working perfectly.)  I also discovered that the starter I picked out STILL doesn't have enough oomph to turn over the engine with the exhaust valves closed, so I've got to rig some hokey method of actuating the valve releases, which will be a real bear with the auto-start system.  <sigh>  Anyway, if it was easy someone else would have done it, right?