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Need some measurements from an origional Lister


Reno Speedster:
I bought an origional cam cover (with all the levers and the plungers) and an origional oil pump to put on my Indian Lister.  However, the pump arrived without the spring which means that I am having some trouble properly locating the lug for the pump on the side of the case.  Can anyone give me either the size of the spring (outside dia. and overall length) or failing that, the exact distance center to center from the camshaft to the top bolt mounting the oil pump?  The pump has a rectangular operating plate, not a round one (I think this means that it is a later model but I'm not so sure). 

Thanks in advance for any help.


I hate to be an english nerd, but original only has one "o".  Every time I see "origional", it rattles my fillings (or maybe my spectacles).  ;) Sorry I couldn't add something else of use to this post.

Reno Speedster:
Well, they got this thing called a typo (which is also spelled with one "O").  The measurements would have been more helpful ;)


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