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Hello Everyone,
   My name is Clifford Myers, I live in Fairfax, Virginia U.S.A. I am very pleased to have found a place to exchange information about these wonderful engines.  Presently, I have a Metro brand 6/1, a Fuking brand 6/1 and a Satyajeet brand 20/1.  My garage got so full of toys that I am building a shed to house them.  The shed should be complete by Christmas 2005.
   One of the biggest complaints about the Lister clones is the vibration.  I solved that problem by doing a static balance.  George at Utterpower asked me to write up the proceedure and send it to him.  I don't know if he thought it was useful information or not, it was my hope that he would post the info. on his website so all can benefit by it.  If anyone is interested, I am more than happy to E-mail the information out.  I am not an engineer, the information may be flawed in some way, however it worked for me and I am happy to share.
   There is a huge amount of information on the web about these engines and a lot of wonderful and interesting people to meet.  A must read is Hottaters account of living alone and his 'big scare'!  George at utterpower is a very special person full of infomation and willing to help with problems.  Mac McQuaid is a talented machinist, Mike Montieth is a man in my neck of the woods that is a machinist and seller of engines.
   If there is anyone in the Fairfax, Virginia area working with these engines and you would like to get together and work on projects, give me a shout.

Just wish more of you lived in the great white north :)

Hi Clifford,

Saw your writeup on balancing on the CD last February.  Welcome to the board.


Cliff, how do you like your 20/1? Is it on a genset?

Dear Mark12,
   The 20/1 is a Satyajeet brand that looks just like the 6/1 engines only larger.  The flywheels are about 30" in diameter and weight about 300 lbs. each.  I have only run the engine about 30 minutes, in front of my house on the driveway.  I then decided I needed a proper shed to install it in.  The shed is almost done, so I will be able to get the machine set up and running soon.  Yes, it is driving a 15KW generator and I did make some power with it during the test run, however I did not have a good setup and only had a small load on the generator so I really don't have a good feel for the setup or how the engine will perform.  It is rated for 20 HP @ 750 R.P.M.  Compared to my 6/1 Listeroid, 750 R.P.M. seemed kind of fast so I may put a smaller pulley on the generator and slow the R.P.M. down a bit - we will see.

Best regards,
Clifford Myers


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