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As promised (a few months ago!) the complete 47-page S-O-M manual is up on our website:

I'll get some of the other Lister electrical manuals sorted out as soon as time permits.


Thanks for doing this Peter!  This type of info is very valueable to someone who needs it and very interesting reading to someone like me who looks at stuff like this just for fun!  (My shrink says they will find a cure for me someday!)                Leland

       Keep up the great work! I'll have a chat with Liz to get you a knighthood for "services to the cause" :D

       Welcome to the Ancient Order of Sad Bastards! (that is actually a term of endearment in my house!)
I'm the founder (and so far only) member of this august body, as a result of my chosen bedtime reading ie manuals for vehicles I'll never own. Membership is reserved for tinkerers, model engineers, vintage machinery buffs etc. The patron saint is the late Fred Dibnah (Google him). The official robes are based on his usual attire.
        The AOSB technical manual is much sought after in these parts. My local machining guru frequently asks "well, how would a Sad Bastard like you do it do it?"
        I'll send you your membership badge via carrier pigeon.


CS Dave:
Is the manual still available please?  The link didn't work fore me

Unfortunately Peter died a while back (can't remember if it was last year or the year before), and I guess his website has now completely gone.

If anyone downloaded it, Please send me a copy too and I'll make it available on this site for download.


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