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How much does biodiesel cost and where can I get it?

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As I can't see my wife allowing me to brew biodiesel in the garage, so how do I find out where to buy it and what is a reasonable price per gallon?

Andre Blanchard:

If the biodiesel is conforming to the standards cited by, will it offer the same fuel efficiency as regular diesel (i.e. if I'm getting 30 mpg now, will I still get 30 mpg with B5, or even B100)?

its suppose to smell better than dino. a plus

There are lots of claims about it also making your engine run a little better and improving the lubricity of the dyno fuel its blended with so you engine lasts longer.

It will loosen any crude in your fuels system so you may need to do a filter change shortly after you start using it.



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