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Hi, I've justĀ  come across you forum.

I have a Lister CS 5/1 in a Ruston road roller that I use to roll our cricket square with in Cambridge, UK.

Although it runs and starts first time, it has a tendancy to gain speed. Any ideas why this would be?

prolly a lot to do with what appears to be a total lack of maintenance, see "run away" thread in general topics forum.


Peace&love :D, Darren


Very interesting machine!

How is it driven?  I see no belts, pulleys' gears or linkages.  I notice a WIDE that because there's just one of them?

Is it the engine that speeds up or the machine?  Does it run at more than rated RPM?  Is it governed or does it have a throttle?

How is it cranked?

Looks like a regular work engine to me. Lister SOM owners in England have contacted Utterpower about the famous useless governor. The common problem he says is the little swivel yoke right at the Injection pump rack. It tends to bind, and if worn, you may have to bush the bellcrank or find a replacement yoke depending on what is most worn. If it is binding it will jam open and not want to return to normal position after a load is removed.
check this site-- it covers this


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