Author Topic: The Good, the Rad and the Narly..  (Read 4243 times)


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The Good, the Rad and the Narly..
« on: July 09, 2007, 10:19:05 PM »
The Good, the Rad and the Narly..

Found a Petter AV1¬  5.5hp¬  1800rpm engine generator in a friends garage...
A few cases of cheap canadian beer where traded an i was off with a new toy..

The Good


Once it was home, my engine guru and i both agreed that the handcrank was not for the AV1, and figured if the engine ever did start it would beat one or both of us to death...
But with new fuel added and a bit of team work i could spin the engine up to speed then remove the handcrank then the guru would drop the compression relief...
3rd try¬  it started...woohoooo

The rad


The rubber rad mounts are all destroyed allowing the rad to rub on the fan...(Scraping noise heard)
Even with huge dents the thing holds fluids...

The Narly


This big piece of metal is a motor/generator...
When 24 volts is applied it spins the motor fast enough to start the AV1 (this is cool)
The generator part has me a little stumped at the moment...
Would anyone have any info on a :

Hopkinson Motors and Electric Co.Ltd.
1 Phase
CON Rating
110 volts
27.3 amps