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cold comfort farm:
Hi all,
just a simple question about WVO.
When I allow the WVO to settle I get 3 layers.
Top layer nice clean oil
Middle layer fatty layer of oil
Bottom layer water.

My question is does anyone filter this middle layer for wvo and run a Lister from it.  Not turn it into Bio.
I can easily warm this layer up to 80C ish.



  Take this with a grain of salt, but I would guess that the middle layer is oil that has been hydrogenated - especially if you are collecting from several sources. In my experience, which has been biodiesel production only, once the hydrogenated oil is heated it acts (and reacts) like regular veg oil. Again, I haven't run it straight in an engine so don't know how it will act in that circumstance.

cold comfort farm:
Has anyone else any ideas??

I've got 100 gal of hydrogenated soy oil that I've been mixing 50/50 w/diesel and the fatty stuff still settles out and will plug fuel lines up. Even with some regular gas mixed in, it is still a problem. If you have a heated tank and lines you should be able to burn it fine.

if its hydogenated and your worried about yuor ip heat and let cool and use up quickly or vacuum as an a/c system to remove h2o.if this is listeriod fuel your ip is way more forgiving than the high dollar auto style ip but still has its limits. i usually have 2 layers good on top and water/scum on the bottom. i draw from the top and let settle. have used biocide with good results. cant control the heat in fla but i do let the water settle out, store in the dark, and purge my drums with nitrogen for storage. i also filter thru a motorgard air filter witch is said to be good for a micron or less. it has been said that no water, light, crumbs, or air how can anything survive. i could be hittin on 7 instead of 8 but i think if you let settle more you will find 2 layers not 3. if after settle you still have 3 layers i would capture the top use and make the rest do a hu dinnie.  just my 2 pennies


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