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SVO/WVO Lister type engine modifications


I raised this issue in another subject, and I now believe this deserves its own thread.  As I have mentioned in other replies, I have choosing to go with a two tank wvo fuel solution. Within a couple of weeks, I be pulling the heads and cylinders to inspect for abnormal wear and carbon buildup. This is part of an overall evaluation of the use of wvo as a fuel in the lister tpe engine. The modification performed so far, concerned the need to start up and shut on a "cleaner fuel", such as diesel or bio-diesel, then switching over to a well filtered wvo. The specific changes to my engine setup, included separate fuel filters, a heated wvo filter (bowl temp regulated at 140 - 145 degress), fuel lines carrying wvo are insulated. Since my engine is a twin, the line to the second ip runs behind a metal sheild/chase to maintain elevated temp. And finally the high pressure fuals are temp regulated at 225 - 230 degrees F. No changes to timing were made. Being OCD (probably like most here) concerning the well being of my engine, I have been very tuned in on the sounds, temps, oil level and quality, starting ease with either cylinder, along with any other observation that could be made. So far, everything "appear" as it should.  I guess the reason for my post is to determine if any other mods should be added, while I have it apart anyway, or any input on what else to look for when its pulled apart, or anyone elses experience with lon term use of wvo. Any inputs are welcome.   

jens -

I made up heaters using some materials I have around from another product. I made sleeving out of some 1/32" thk 2300 deg. ceramic stripping. Threaded about 16 inches of  high temp nichrome resistance wire (4 ohms/ft) through the made up sleeving. Made two of these, one for each high pressure line (I have a 12/2). Spiraled the sleeve/ wire around 5- 6" of each high pressure line, near injector end, but leaving sufficient room to bond 105 deg. F thermoswitches with thermo-conductive epoxy. Wrapped silicone fusing tape to incase each heater assy. Wired assys to their own inline fuse holders,  then  wired to 12 volt supply connection. McMaster-Carr heat rope would have been easier, but I have the materials. 

bring up the temps to 160 before the ips get with danalinscott about  the plumbing from ip to inj. sweet set up tried and true


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