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Oil Seed Press HP Requirements


Hello all. I am wondering what the HP requirements for a 2T oil press would be? Would a 6/1 be adequate? Maybe change the flywheel to make it a 8 hp or 10 hp?? Thanks for any help.

dave s:
I run my 1 ton press with my 18hp kubota. The most critical element is to keep the press screw below 30 rpm. Your gearing/pulleys should produce 30 rpm screw speed. I on ocasion hear the kubota governor grunt to maybe 10 hp. Sorry, drifted a little. I doubt if the 6/1 has the guts to take a hard slug of first pressing seeds. You could try a ratio that might give you only about 10 rpm on the screw, but my experience is the cost is about $200 each ratio change.

You might want to reach out to Pat (Altopro on this forum) as he sells presses on his Ebay store.  He can probably give you some idea of what you can expect to extract from a 6/1.

ebay at altopro dot ca  is how I last talked to him.


 Your 6/1 would have some problems with a 2 ton press, but if you turned it up to 10 hp / 1000 rpm you'd be OK.   8 hp is a good minimum working figure for a 2 tonner, but more is always better.

I have run one of my 2 ton presses with a Changfa 195 (rated conservatively at 12 hp @ 2000 rpm) The press made good oil with the Changfa turning at about 1500 rpm.   



If you already have the listereroids 6/1, I would definetively try it but I would certainly not design a system to run a 2Ton/day press with that engine. 12HP is the suggested power to run that press, then you have a little left over power to play with RPM and to keep your engine happy!



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