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Has anyone experience in running a direct injection changfa with veggie oil or bio diesel?

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Your direct injection engine should not have any problems with biodiesel.

Indirect injection engines are more forgiving of inadequately heated veggie oil.  For a direct injected engine, you should be sure that your veggie oil is plenty hot before injecting.  I suggest that you pre-heat the veggie oil to about 70ºC before the injector pump and the injector line to at least 100ºC before the injector. 

Hi I have been reading about a few guys experience with mixing straight veggie oil with some gasoline at a 1-8 mix for warm weather. The idea is the gas thins the veg oil so it can be injected with out heat.

I have been using a 2-1 mix as an additive for my Mercedes diesel with good results. I have added 1 gallon of this mix to about 15 gallons of pump diesel. The car runs better I think and definately idles better.


From what I understand there are IDI and DI type changfa's.. it would be good to know which ones are which?
 I see Luismc's engine in this thread is DI from the pictures he posted...

thank you for your replies.

What do you mean, fatty? S-engines have swirl compustion chamber; ZS-engines direct injection.

I can get many WVO for free but should I "burn" the filtered WVO in the engine? I don't want to clean so often the combustion chamber, piston, etc..
The engine won't be have many cold starts. We need it to produce power and heat around the clock.

Here's a picture of mine:

Sorry for my bad English, I'm only 16 years old and I'm not very good in it.  :-\

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