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New to the group,, saying hello~!`

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Welcome to the forum Daniel,

--- Quote ---Here is my web site about the press and my method of making bio diesel ,, easy!
--- End quote ---

What your website describes is commonly called VO blending.

While I applaud your efforts at self sufficiency and understand your eagerness to "spread the word"
the process you describe does not produce biodiesel and calling it "biodiesel" tends to confuse people.
The biofuels movement does not need MORE misinformation to confuse people interested in joiningi in. There is plenty being shared currently.
I am sure it is not your intent to present misinformation or confuse people.

But some of the information on your webiste is interesting but not all that accurate.

For example:
It is not possible to experience a power gain (over diesel fuel) on this blend.
I suspect you have not tested this claim with a dynomometer.

There is no glycerine in VO.
Although the process of making (real) biodiesel does result in the production of some glycerols they are not being "removed" from the VO...they are being produced by the chemical reaction which created (real) biodiesel and THEN are removed.

You may also want to do some research on the studies done in North Dakota (and elsewhere) regarding shortened engine life and VO blends.

I hope I have not presented this in a manner that make you feel as if I have insulted you.
That is not my intent. I present this in th hope that you will take th opportunity to take a more scientific directionin your efforts and present more accurrate information on your website.

Not only will the people who choose to follow your lead be benefitted..I suspect you will benefit as well.

Hi Daniel,
First Welcome....
And I'm really impressed with your press and blending and website... great information...
I'd have to say I agree with Dana that calling your VO / RUG (regular unleaded gas) blend biodiesel is a bit misleading... but lots of folks call veggieoil fuel biodiesel.... Sometimes it's a little frustrating for us greaseburners... Dana and I and about 1,000 others regularly post on the infopop biodiesel forum...
You should visit... there's a lot of folks who would love to hear from you... and also a bunch of other blenders like yourself to collaborate with... 
Anyhow, good luck, welcome and thanks for sharing your information...

  Been trying to noodle through this one - alternate viewpoints welcome
Seems to me that the bottom line on power or efficiency increases from changes in fuel only, is increased cylinder pressure from a given amount of fuel. This might be come from quicker combustion or more energy content.

So lets say we have a genset capable of 4kw on standard fuel. If we use the +25% fuel and make the same 4kw then everything should be OK right. Same cyl pressures to drive the same load.

But if we use the +25% fuel to it's full potential and make 5kw can we not expect a shorter engine life?

I purposely left out lots of variables to keep it simple but feel free to bring them up.

My point is that if you are using a fuel that shows a significant increase in economy then you'd better be careful not to increase your loads

Hi Bill,
Not trying to be over critical but a 25% increase in power just by switching the fuel is a huge deal.... I use waste veg but I have also purchase new veg and have blended.... while the new oil does seem to have better performance I have never experienced this kind of radical change in output.

Hmmm I thought so too. Got that number from the website.    Bill


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