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New to the group,, saying hello~!`

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Hello folks..

I understand that the older one gets,, the faster time moves and the less I seem to get done. But this year with farming was a constant battle.  So my time to invest in keeping up with the chat rooms was all but taken away..

I'm still crushing and still burning sf "blended fuel' with 100% good results. Working in the little dieselcraft centrifuge made the largest difference of any part of the system. All my friends who saw the improvement in the fuel also got a centrifuge going now and feel the same about it.. I'm seeing now the term "fuel polishing" is being used to title the system.

The centrifuge is doing something other than getting the mud out and  having to keep a case of fuel filters on the shelf.. The fuel is much better overall.

Now I can picture that running the fuel into a pump and then the centrifuge is chewing the fuel by mixing better,, and I feel the rapid expansion going from 80 psi back down to 0 psi 6 or 9 times is part of the clue.  I always see about a tea spoon worth of a very thick wax,, inside at clean out time.  The only thing I can say it must be the heavier part of the oil that the gas is not cutting that the centrifuge is catching and taking out. The amount varies between batches and the most I have ever seen is shy of a table spoon worth..

Any ideas what this all might be?  Sodbust,,

Hmmm good stuff here.  Can't wait until I pull my Dodge Cummins into the station and see all the eye popping goin on when they watch me pour a gallon of vegatable oil in the tank and top it off with 2 gallons of  They are going to think im friggin nuts.


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