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New to the group,, saying hello~!`

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Hello all.

I am a Lister nut, and am suprised I have not found this forum a long time ago.

I have a 6/1 GG
14/1 PS
28/2 PS

The 6, and 14 man a ST gen head
The 28 pulls my China 10 oil seed press.

Here is my web site about the press and my method of making bio diesel ,, easy!

Give me an email and say hello.

Daniel (Sodbust) McAmoil
Penokee, Kansas USA


  Welcome.   Found your dilution process very interesting. How does the oil/unleaded ratio end up? I've been reluctant to introduce gasoline into my diesels, how many hours on your equipment? No troubles?

Danial, welcome.

I too, would like more information on your svo/gas mix, and your centrifuge project.  Thanx for the link to your website, I found it very interesting!

Cheers, Fred

Thanks for sharing your research.

Read this page guys it all meat, no chaff.

Quote from Dans site
"My first test was with #2 diesel right out of the pump. I made a testing stand which was a small electric motor powering a steel disc running in a tray of fuel. I made a 1 to 1 ratio pivot to hold a roller Bering roller against the wheel running in the fuel. I had a scale hook added to apply down pressure of the roller against the steel wheel powered by the small motor.  #2 diesel would handle 4lbs of weight before stalling the motor. A mixture of 1 gallon of gas and 1 gallon of raw sunflower oil could support 16lbs of weight before stalling the motor.  No problem here, as my winter blend is 5 gallons of sf oil to 1 gallon of unleaded gas.  Summer ratios of 8 gallons sf oil to 1 gallon of gas..  So for engine upper lubrication, my fuel walks all over pump #2 diesel fuel."

Dan, if you want me quoting from your website here let me know and I'll delete it

Thanks, Geno

johnny williams:
Very interesting!!!!! I have read about this before but have not tried the process as I have no way of pressing my own oil. Wonder how it would work with waste motor oil?


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