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Jiang Dong Changfa style engines... IMHO


We bought one of these recently for $200. A guy on EBAY sells them. He seems to be the only one is the US selling them. Don't waste your money. There is no support or spares for this line. Google "Jiang Dong JD-165" and see for yourself.
If you search for it, you'll be dismayed when you read the report a guy wrote on his experince with a JD-165 engine, the same model we bought. It blew up after less than 100 hours.
We disassembled ours after 10 hours running and it was nearly dead with main bearing (CSC bearings) failure (micro-welding), the worst cylinder honing I've ever seen, bad cam lobes etc. This is a classic case where the Chinese did a real shitty minimalist job of copying a proven engine and then selling it as look-alike clone.

Using the internet to share these experiences acts as the "great equalizer" by exposing this type of "consumer fraud". Either Jiang Dong will to clean up their act or vanish from the business world.


I believe a fellow on the Otherpower forum website bought one as well to tinker and it blew up from vibration and bearing failure well under 100 hours


FWIW, before I was initiated in the way of the slow speed diesel, I found a Generac at Pacific Supply (fellow Seattleites will know all about the noble institution that is Pacific Supply).  Fortunately I read some reviews on Amazon.  Most people were satisfied, but a couple said that their generators simply stopped after a few dozen hours, and the repair rates were exhorbitant.  IIRC at least one of them simply bought another generator.


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