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Petteroids in 1989
« on: January 14, 2007, 08:43:39 PM »
I was looking through some back copies of the UK Stationary Engine magazine, when a letter from Ray Gillett in Victoria, Australia caught my eye.

(Ray also had a Reform Motoren Werke engine from the 1920's that we were able to identify for him, after finding one in Spain, but that's another story as they say)

Anyway, Ray wrote that he had come across an AVA1-like engine, badged as a Prabhat, with ali cowlings, TRB's and through bolts from the head to the crankcase. Parts were badly made and fitted, and it was obviously a poor copy.

He also mentions another variant with a Petter PH piston squeezed into a similar engine, with just the head modded for the larger bore.

That will be 20 years in 2 years time.....