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Right then fellas,

I have recently bought a 6 cylinder air cooled lister engine and, knowing very little about listers, am wondering if anyone out there knows how I might successfully convert the thing to run on SVO without causing long term damage??? Are cylinder sleeves and tapered roller bearings inevitable or is there an alternative? Without a cooling jacket how would you recommend heating the oil for example??? Is she suited to run on SVO???

any advice much appreciated

I'd liketo see that!  How bout some pics?  As far as heating the oil you could wrap the fuel line a few turns around the exhaust or maybe route it through the cooling fins?  I'd recommend using a diesel fuel additive to the svo.  I think Stanadyne is a good additive.  It would help keep the injectors clean.  I also believe any diesel is suited to run on vegatable oil,  it's what it was originally designed for.

What model 6 cylinder do you have? Most of the Lister air-cooled stuff needs to be run "hot" under heavy loads to keep the carbon under control so I bet that will be a factor. In addition, some of the research has been done with direct injection engines where various fuel volumes and pressures were manipulated to change the combustion results to more efficiently match the alternate fuel. This can be done with various injector nozzles and fuel pump combinations.


thanks for the swift replies to my original posting a few days ago.

According to the plate fixed on the runners it was built in 1964,  Plant No. 70269 NA. ENGINE 112 HA614 and another, AL No. 289050.
Will provide a photo as soon as I can figure out how to use the software ??? You mentioned running her hot on a heavy load to keep the carbon down. With a 3 phase output of around 36.5KWs I'll have to find some heavy duty industrial machinery to keep her busy. Would you recommend steel or copper for a fuel pipe. What size nozzle would you think most suitable given the existing size of the pump on a lister of this type? At a push I could probably find out what size fuel pump it has on it.

thanks for any advice you might have 


  The guys around here will yell at you awful if you use copper fuel line :D. It has a tendency to workharden and crack if flexed and, it seems to be minutely soluble in fuel (pump diesel and biodiesel - don't know about SVO) which can lead to injection trouble in the long haul. 
   Yea 36.5KW is a lot to keep loaded. Could probably bring a swimming pool up to hot tub temps with that. Good luck


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