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Amabir, my first listeroid is a Field Marshall 6/1, I also have a Metro 6/1 (for standby), the FM has given me great service. Mike

The last addition here was 2011  Many of the links posted here are dead.  Is this engine going the way of the dodo bird?

Hugh Conway:
Welcome bigbad.
This is certainly an old thread!
We are all ageing out.......demand for and interest in  the engines seems to be doing same.
I'm still operating a listeroid 6/1 regularly (2500 hours on it now) for off-grid winter battery charging and a Dursley 6/1 for times when I need extra shop power.
Also other things seem to be commanding much more time and attention in these strange is reassuring to have 2 reliable engines turning PMGs and about 1000 lts of fuel on hand.


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