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Here are the Listeroid brands I know of:

Metro/Metrex              ?
Power Anand/Lovson

Any that I'm missing?

Powerful Solutions machines are supposedly made to spec by either JKSON or Anand.

Mine are GTC brand. They are probably made by Poweranand. For the most part the quality seems OK.


Prakash Impex made my FuKing engine....or at least included one of their instruction books with it.

Yeah, Jack's got bragging rights on the edgiest name.   8)

I seriously doubt PS is made by Anand.  The engine doesnt look the same. 

Someone asked me earlier who it was that made the engine with the internal pushrods.  I think that was the Satyajeet. 

Procrustes, you can see there are a number of manufacturers who appear to offer the same/similar engines under different names.  So far you've only listed the ones who have websites and are interested in trade with the West.  There must be dozens of others who keep a lower profile.  India is a big country with a huge population and poor infrastructure.  I bet there are several dozen companies who manufacture or assemble engines regionally. 


Here's the email I received from Anand Ent.  This sure looks like the PS brand.  (Again, I have not interest in this company nor am I plugging their products this is for information only.

Many thanks for your email dated January 03, 2006.

We supply POWERLINE brand Engines. Please find attached our new applicable

Our offered prices are in US Dollars. They are inclusive of Cost, Shipping
Freight, Insurance and Wooden Case fumigation Charges upto any Canada Port,
All the port clearance charges, import duties, shipping agent fees and
in-land transportation at importing port (destination) will be in your
account. Please inform your nearest seaport.

Our engines are successfull in Australia, New Zealand and US conditions due
to following additional features which you may not found in others engines  :-

1) Online Lubricating Oil Filter for Single Cylinder
2) Arrangement to fix Thermostat Valve for cold conditions in Engine cooling
3) Providing Magnets in Oil Chambers to attract Iron Particles to avoid any
damages to engine
4) Counter Balance Weight on Crankshaft for smooth running and High Torque
against Horse Power
5) Oil & Fuel Pipes are made out of Steel. There is no use of PVC/Plastic
6) Fumigation of Engine Wooden Cases as per IPPC norms issued by US Customs
and Border Protection.
7) Lubricating Oil Pump material : Gun Metal instead of Cast Iron (Gun metal
is 4 times costlier than Cast Iron)
8) Stretched Films used for wrapping engines: It keeps away dust &
protect colour
9) Changeover compression ratio valve

We have attached a strip displaying our features.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further queries.

Atul Patel
(Authorised Signatory)
Anand Enterprise,
11-E, Bhaktinagar Indl. Estate,
Rajkot - 360002 (INDIA)
Ph : 91-281-2362192/389
Fax : 91-281-2363729
Email :
Web :


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