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Listeroid Price Increase?

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When I started looking at installing a Listeroid I was getting prices in the $975 range to $1100.  Now everyone site seems to have a price of $1490 for the same unit.  So what gives??? :(

I hope it is because we North Americans are demanding a greater deal of quality from India and that is the difference. :)

Any ideas?? :o

while i have seen a small price rise, i dont think it is as much as you are thinking. joel kock in oregon is selling high quality 6hp singles starting at 895 on ebay. i have an engine listed for 1400 on the for sale, but it includes the price to bring it into wisconsin. shipping has been most of the price increase because of the high price of fuel. i hope to be in the position to bring engines into the midwest by the container which would lower the price considerably. until someone in the midwest does, it seems only those on the coast are bringing them in large numbers

Yeah, I've noticed there are prices and there are prices.  Somebody was selling GM-90s for $795, recently. 

I think for an engine you intend to run the Indian versions are fine.  They wouldn't be able to sell them there if they weren't long-lived.  But for the aficionado, I wonder what it would cost to bring a _real_ Lister in from GB.  Sounds like they are still available there from time to time. 


I have been in contact with Mr. Atul Patel with Anand Enterprise, the same company that manufactured rocketboy's listeroid. He quoted me a price of $778 shipped to the port of Houston, Tx for the 6/1. Of course port clearance charges, import duties, shipping agent fees and inland transportation will be extra. I wont have to worry about inland transportation charges because I only live 80 miles east of houston.  The 12/2 that I want is $1391.

Mr Lister:
Hi Listers,

I bought all my original Lister CS engines fromebay UK.

The price varies a lot depending on the quality and condition - most of these engines were built before 1950!

A few years ago, nobody wanted a big heavy diesel that only produced 6hp.  A lot were scrapped and lost forever.  Some enthusiasts then started to restore them, and they would change hands for about  US$ 70.

The problem with the CS is that it is generally too big and heavy for most people's cars here (no pick ups).  Enthusasts normally go for smaller engines like the Lister D which will easily go in the back of a station waggon.

Lister CS engines were generally unpopular for this reason, and so remained cheap until George B, started a rennaissance.

I paid $455 for my first 6/1 and generator and it ran without any rebuild work.  Other engines have varied in price from $230 to $430.

I guess if I investigated the shipping costs, I could send a few of the ol'boys over!




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