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Mini-Petter gibkey puller
« on: June 13, 2006, 01:19:06 AM »
Thanks to the board admin for creating the Petteroids section. I think Mini-Petter should deserve to be better studied. The need for low power but heavy duty application exist! What else would you use to power a small water pump or a 2.5KW generator head for continuous duty?

I'm looking for your ideas about making the best gibkey puller for Mini-Petters.  I have a few 4HP in stock and I need to take the flywheel apart in order to ship them in two packages (150lbs UPS limit, these are 185lbs). Shipping with UPS is a lot easier and cheaper than common carriers, especially when a border has to be crossed....

As you know, the small size of the key, the minimal room around it and the fact that the shaft doesn't extend outside the flywheel make the task difficult to do in a clean way.


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