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Automatic Rocker Arm Lubrication for Lister Engines

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If you are tired of constantly oiling the rocker arms or fooling around with grease cups there is a simple modification you can make to enable automatic rocker arm lubrication. After this modification you'll only need to maintain the oil level around the valve springs.

Go get your wife's mop and liberate two of the heavy cotton strings from it. Tie one around the spring adjacent to each rocker arm and dangle the ends in the oil reservoir around the valve springs. The oil will wick up the strings and keep the rocker arm shaft moist with oil. My GM-90 diesels have a much larger reservoir around the valve springs than standard Listers do so topping off the oil is done infrequently.

Mike Montieth

Well that is a lot simpler and cheaper than my oil filled inverted mini luber sugestion.....

Hey Mike the question has been raised. Can a GM 90 head be used with a standard Lister engine block and piston??


No, the heads won't interchange with an indirect injection engine. All GM-90 engines are direct injection with the combustion chamber in the piston instead of the head. This gives about a 10% increase in both power and fuel economy due to less surface area wicking off the heat of combustion. The combustion chamber in the piston is almost identical to the military mult-fuel diesel engines. A direct injection is also much easier to decarb than an indirect injection head since the GM-90 head is flat and has no precombustion chamber. I've ran both direct and indirect injection Listers on alternative fuels and have found that there is little difference is reliabilty, starting, carbon buildup, ect. Since these are all slow-speed engines the fuel has plenty of time to burn. I personally prefer the GM-90 because it comes with a counterweighted crank, true oil pressure to the rod, tapered roller bearings, and has multi-fuel capability. All GM-90 engines use Mico injection equipment licensed through Bosch.

Mike Montieth

Listeroidusa --

How was the fit and finish on your GM-90?  How does it compare to the other makes you've looked at?

I've been selling the Lister type engines for over 10 years now and have imported several different brands. The GM-90 is the best I have seen to date, both in finish and design. I have been careful in what I import and have never had the horror stories such as sand, poor fit, and sloppy workmanship. I've only been burned one time. I imported a load of "new" lister engines a few years ago which turned out to be used engines that they had just repainted and passed on. I have not dealt with that company since. Even in the best of circumstances importing Listers comes with a steep and expensive learning curve. Due to my experience I know who makes the good stuff and I just absolutely refuse to deal with junk. I have all my engines "specification built" and they know that if they send me junk they'll never get another order. A company that won't build what you want isn't worth dealing with. Satyajeet has been very good about building me the best engines available. For example, my flywheels are graded castings that are dense, close grained iron. I can tell the difference when I machine them for starter ring gears. There are no hard spots, blow holes, sand inclusions, ect in them. Just a fine grade of iron. Just for curiosity I'm planning to test a flywheel to destruction in the spring and see what rpm they will withstand. I'll take my traxcavator and dig a pit so when it goes it'll be safe to be around.

Mike Montieth


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