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Governor Regulation for Lister Type Engines


If your Lister governor is a bit sluggish, lazy, or just doesn't regulate as well as you would like there is an easy fix for it, costs nothing, and only takes a few minutes to perform. My 6/1 7.2 KW 3 phase generator consistently holds at 1/10 of one cycle with a steady state load, and very little deflection with a load within the ability of the engine and generator. Most Indian engines have the governors set to just regulate speed. They don't take the time to regulate the sensitivity. Fortunately this is easy to do.

Make sure the clevis on the linkage rod going to the injection pump is tight. This alone helps regulation tremendously. If it is still sluggish remove the pin connecting the clevis to the injection pump after loosening the lock nut on the clevis. Unscrew the clevis 1/2 turn at a time and reassemble and run the engine. Keep doing this until the governor starts to hunt and oscillate. This is the point of maximum sensitivity. Screw the clevis back in a half turn at a time until the hunting stops. You have now set up your governor to be the best it can be, and it works pretty good! My generator holds very close to the 60 cycle line. You will also need to reset the speed of the engine using the knurled knob on the governor spring because changing the length of the governor rod also changes the speed.

Mike Montieth


My Metro 6/1 governor moves with every compression stroke.  Is that normal?

Plus the fork that connects the governor arm to the fuel rack moves quite a bit in its socket.   Should I fill it with weld and redrill?


Even if your governor has slack in it the procedure I described earlier will do wonders for regulation. And no, I wouldn't weld up the injection pump socket because the pin and yoke must be free to move as the motion of the governor is changed from rotary to linear movement. If you weld it the injection pump rack will bind.

Mike Montieth

Fill with weld and redrill..


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