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hi is this possible as i have a 6kva brush alternator on a sr2 lister which hasnt got the control box with it is there anyway i can use a modern avr on it ?
Everything else / Re: Blasphemy..... Solar power.
« Last post by dax021 on July 04, 2020, 11:12:55 AM »
Don't forget about that container load for Ed, of which I would hope to buy a few ;D. Also, while you're on the roof, clean those bloody leaves out of your gutters  :police:
Generators / Re: SR3 Bryce VR99 injectors
« Last post by manfromthemist on July 04, 2020, 10:29:30 AM »
many thanks for the information
Everything else / Re: Blasphemy..... Solar power.
« Last post by glort on July 04, 2020, 09:03:22 AM »

Turned out a GOOD day today.  74.6 Kwh!  The new array with the smaller west array on the same inverter did 30.2 KWh on it's own.
Very happy with that.  It's the sort of generation I have been wanting for winter.

With the heavy power draw we had last night, I was only 2 Kwh down on what we made so here, cost me about .58C for power yesterday.
The new array made me over $9 worth of power on it's own. Full cost for the power we used in the last 24 Hours would have been about $21.56.
Multiply that out by a quarter as we are Billed and it adds up to about $2k which was about what we were paying before my solar Proclivity and obsession.  Many people round here are paying $5K a year in power if they don't have solar. The penetration of solar installs is high in the area and the cost of power for heating and cooling these big places plus probably 40% have pools is another factor.

I reckon I have spent about $2500 in total so far on the solar setups but now I'm making money back selling used panels and inverters so that's actually coming down.  It's certainly returned it's investment many times over.

I just picked up another 16x 190W panels I got for nothing.  They are all quite good panels so should be able to sell them for around $400 or so. Still have about 80 panels here atm but I hope to sell 20 tomorrow and I'll be taking 25 North on Monday as I have already sold them where my father is. They sell really well in the country because there is not the availability there like there is here.
I didn't get to change the inverter over as I went to get the other panels and it's freezing here tonight. Not a problem, I'm still making better power than I anticipated.

I sold 13 panels Today. 1 to a very nice young chap who was putting it on his brilliantly set up camper ute.  Didn't want the $5 change I owed him as he felt guilty about running late and mucking me round.  We were talking about how he was going to mount them and said how expensive the solar Brackets were.  He showed me his power setup and his Fridge and little oven in the back and said how he was going to set up the panel. While he was strapping the panel down, I wandered up the back, got him 8 Brackets, a pair of Connectors and cut him about 3 M of solar cable.   Took it all back down to him and said here you go, this might come in handy. Guy was stoked and asked how much he owed me?
I said you already paid mate, you did the right thing by me, I have the pleasure of doing the right thing by you.

I sold another 12 to an old guy who wants to beef up his system he has.

This little endeavour is certainly giving me some exercise. I sorted all the panels I have today plus loading others I probably moved about 100 Of the things.  At around 20 Kg ea, they are a good workout for a fat ol bugger like me.

Tomorrow if all goes well I should be handling about another 45 between selling them and loading them to take up north.
Everything else / Re: Blasphemy..... Solar power.
« Last post by glort on July 04, 2020, 04:12:12 AM »

Been watching the Inverter the new array is on today and got a slightly better result at 4.3 kw  Looks like that's what it's going to do for now.
Not to worry. Plenty of arrays to plug in with it and bring the inverter up to full tilt.

I was going to put the other inverter on the other phase today but I had a couple of people come this morning to buy panels I have been wheeling and dealing and I don't want to shut it all down when it's making so much Juice. If it's not too cold later I'll do it then when the inverters are making nothing. I like to shut it down at the main board and at the sub board which takes everything on the solar circuit out so I'll wait till there is nothing to loose.

It was cold here last night so we ran the AC on the thermostat on and off all night and all had showers so I expect we pulled a fair bit of power. If we break even today, I'll be real happy. Another beautiful winters day so will be interesting to see what the best case winter generation scenario is now.  Still have another 2Kw of panels to put up from the ground array which will be just moving them to a slightly less ideal spot but I'm also planning on take a few KW down which are in low winter producing places Locations.
 They don't do much in winter and in summer I don't need them at all. 

Everything else / Re: Blasphemy..... Solar power.
« Last post by glort on July 04, 2020, 03:59:23 AM »
Those "Tree Camo" hard-hats really blend in well, don't they?  ;D ;D

They sure Do! Wouldn't even know I was wearing one would you? They are military surplus Kevlar and exceed all Civilian specs that's why I got one.
Remember, safety 3rd!

Reminds me of a mate that was going off his nut about almost being reported for not wearing a hard hat on the job.
He was doing core samples in the Middle of 4 sq acres of land in an industrial area. Not  a thing taller than gravel for hundreds of meters in any direction. They were doing some geological ultra sound testing where they had some probes in the ground and they sat there under a pop up canopy as it was summer while the thing pinged away and gave them readings.

Some Gubbermint safety inspector that was driving past hundereds of meters away and came over and was reading him and the other guy the riot act for not wearing hard hats and was going to fine the company ( which he owned) Thousands of Dollars.  He pointed out to the safety bitch that were was nothing around for hundreds of meters as the land had been dozed and sitting there and because they were constantly bending down to the probes the hats fell off all the time.  He said the greatest probability of anything falling on them was a meteorite and a hard hat wouldn't do much good for that anyway.  He said we are in the middle of nothing, WTF do you think is going to fall on us?

She was adamant they were in breach of OH&S and was going to issue a fine till the other guy whipped out his phone and started taking pictures of safety bitch. When she asked why he was photographing her, he replied so I can report you for coming on site without Proper safety gear. She said she had on a hard hat, safety glasses, and high vis vest.  He asked if her open toe, strappy elevated heel shoes were approved for worksites because he thought not.

Mate told her straight out, you want to keep your job, piss off and you ever set foot on any site I'm on again and go on with this bullshit, we will report you and make a big deal out of it.

They laughed her off site but the next day got a sidewall for their canopy so they couldn't be seen from the road or where anyone else was as they moved around the site.

I have seen guys mowing the grass here on the side of the road and on football grounds wearing hard hats. Got to follow the rules no matter how inappropriate or stupid.
Listeroid Engines / Re: Group order from India
« Last post by Hugh Conway on July 04, 2020, 12:58:24 AM »
Jim Calder, here in Canada has Listeroids and Listeroid "air compressors" on his website http://www.justliveoffgrid.com/
I've dealt with him over the years for parts. No problems, good service. Ships to U.S.
In the eastern U.S. you could drive up and bring one home if you didn't want the hassle of shipping documentation, etc.......
Oh, wait.........no cross border travel allowed just now. Shipping from India ( or nearly anywhere) seems to take a very long time these days. From Canada, maybe not so much, as the distance is shorter and no oceans need be crossed.
I did import a Dursley Start-O-Matic (from Europe) several years back. The shipping was reasonable at that time, but then there were the brokerage fees, customs fees, warehouse fees, and the killer.........it needed to be steam cleaned before being released from customs.......or so they said. The related costs were more than the cost of the Lister.
There was a guy here on LEF in the last year that claimed he was legally importing Listeroids into the U.S. and had them for sale........can't recall his name or business name, but have not heard anything from him here for a while. There were many doubters. Maybe his expectations were not actually possible, and the doubters were correct.
Generators / Generator alternator wiring
« Last post by Theo Arn on July 03, 2020, 08:49:29 PM »
This is my first question so please be gentle with me!
I bought a chinese diesel generator it's running but.. there are no wires going anywhere. I know they are called L1,L2,R1 & R2 but how ho I wire them to a socket? It's an AVR brushed generator 110 and 240v I only want to use 240v. Hoping someone can elaborate thanks
Generators / Re: SR3 Bryce VR99 injectors
« Last post by sirpedrosa on July 03, 2020, 05:20:46 PM »
Hi Barry

Take a look of my thread: https://listerengine.com/smf/index.php?topic=8395.msg103448#msg103448

There is available the SR manual, read it!

Everything else / Re: Blasphemy..... Solar power.
« Last post by AdeV on July 03, 2020, 05:13:16 PM »
Safety Zealots please note approved safety harness and full PPE ( May be hard to make out in pic but trust  and spare me, it's there. Really!)

Those "Tree Camo" hard-hats really blend in well, don't they?  ;D ;D

Nice work, though, that's a really classy looking setup.
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