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Engines / Re: TL2 oil filter
« Last post by glort on March 29, 2020, 12:50:09 PM »

OEMS Rarely if ever make Components these day.
Genuine means they had some factory in China put their Branding on them and in their Boxes.  The same factory that probably makes filters for 10 other brands.

I use metal canister Subaru Filters for everything. Last forever, do a damn good job and are far cheaper than most OEM filters which are getting more and more over the top all the time.

Are you wanting to do this to go off grid or as backup in case of outages?

If it's to go off grid to save money, you'll NEVER do it.  Expensive as grid power is, it's still considerably cheaper than DIY....  Especially if You are solar limited.

If you want to offset some of your power consumption, still going t be hard to do it cheaper than grid especially if you have limitations on your land and resources.

Yes some of those controllers are Crazy priced.
The formula I look at with knockoffs is , will buying cheaper but more often save me over the price of the better unit.
If the Quuality" Unit is 4 times the price but only last twice as long as the cheaper version, then cheaper is.

The old adage of getting what you pay for is complete and utterly redundant these days.  I OWN equipment that is far better than the OEM and 1/3rd the price.  The reality is that the OEM should be cheaper, not the knockoffs.
I can also say I really can't remember anything half decent in equipment or machinery I have bought that hasn't been reliable or long lived.
I'm sure there are exceptions and maybe I have been lucky but THAT is MY experience.

I consider something like even a knockoff inverter a substantial purchase so I would research it. They may be great or they may be crap.  Best to find out before you put your money down. Might well be that the most expensive option IS the cheapest after all.

Not likely but you never know!  :0)

Straight Vegetable Oil / Re: injector
« Last post by vegoil on March 29, 2020, 12:25:02 PM »
That makes good sense. (best to leave it set to original Lister factory settings).

Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: Big funny piston rings
« Last post by listard-jp2 on March 29, 2020, 09:16:45 AM »
/\ If your interested, just do a Buy It Now on the ebay listing, and it will be shipped to you using the ebay global seller program.

No problem with ebay sales in the UK at present, sales are depressed, but are still happening.
Engines / Re: TL2 oil filter
« Last post by cobbadog on March 29, 2020, 05:55:20 AM »
I only use after market filters in all our toys from engines, tractors and truck. You will not have any issues it is all about keeping up the sales of OE parts.
One of our tractors is a David Brown 30C Cropmaster and like everything else when you ask about after market parts for them a few of the Admin boys chirp up and claim that only David Brown parts in the UK will work and they really hate being told differnt and after supplying the proof just on who makes the filters for them and in China, they never said any more on the subject. This can pretty much be applied to 99% of parts so go ahead and use what you have. If you happen to have any reservations about it check your oil pressure gauge when running. If you don't have one you can fit one easily.
Engines / Re: setting the govenor on TL2
« Last post by cobbadog on March 29, 2020, 05:49:29 AM »
I read about this somewhere and from memory you need to follow the steps in the manual in setting them up properly. It starts with the adjustment of the connection between the throttle linkage fisrt then between both pumps.
Thatís a good idea to stock up. There is actually a business where my family is from where you can buy as much fuel as you want at todays price and use it over time. You basically pay for it in advance and come get it with a card as you need it.

There are also more expensive and better built ďpipísĒ/inverter chargers available from companies like Magnum. But they are typically $1700 US for the unit. 2-3kw of solar would not be possible in my location, small suburban lot, not a ton of good roof space, my roof has 4 planes, so only one small section faces south. Iíll do some research on the Taiwanese units and maybe pick up a big drum and fill it up with fuel!
Straight Vegetable Oil / Re: injector
« Last post by glort on March 29, 2020, 04:26:48 AM »

This came up years ago when Veg oil was all the rage for Vehicles. Wonder if it might see a resurgence now as the world rebuilds? Not many vehicles left that can run it.  Might keep my eye out for a bargain.

Increasing the pressure makes NO difference other than to put added stress on the IP.
Even a " low" pressure Mechanical pump is running over 20,000PSI and anyhing you can turn the pressure up to from there isn't going to make a damn of difference. There is not a lot of margin in high and low recommended pressures anyway so it would only make a small percentage difference.  You can't just screw the pressure up to whatever you want.

  I remember someone doing a test on it years ago and they  turned the pressure up to about double and tested what I seem to remember was a Cummins engine and could find no difference other than the IP making horrible noises.
It's a thought most people have had I think though.

What makes a HUGE difference is having a new injector over an old one.
I had an injector fail in my truck and even though the previous owner said they had been changed just 3 years earlier, I swapped them out.
What a difference!

Wisely, I turned the Fuelling down on the IP from where I had screwed it up to before firing the thing up the first time.  When I test drove it the power and performance was slightly up at only HALF the boost I was running before.  Quite amazing.  I never touched it from the guestimate I set it at.
Thing pulled like a train and was a lot less stressful on the turbo on everything else.  I believe it was a little more economical but I would have burnt any economy advantage so may have been imagination. I am confident that if driven more conservatively the thing would have used less fuel as it was certainly smoking a lot less.

After 19 years of using veg, I also completely dispute the oil preheating mantra.
The Pump is well bolted to the block and runs at a similar temperature. the injector will be hat head temp. You can pre heat the oil hot as you like but to think the amount of oil passing through the IP  is going to make any difference and not be sunk into the block or even if you heat between the IP and injector, if that isn't going to be wicked away by being wedged into a 20 KG lump of metal where the tip of the injector is indirectly exposed to the combustion flame front, then someone is believing in fantasy.

Whatever temp the engine and particularly the head is sitting at is the temp the oil will be injected at no matter what you do to it before hand.  The only reason to pre heat oil is  to melt any fats from blocking the fuel filter. If your oil is prepared right, You shouldn't even have to do that.

Clean, DRY oil and an injector in good condition will make infinitely more difference than higher pop off pressures.


I have seen/ heard of these before. I think they are called Pip controllers here.
I was looking at them the other day for a guy that is trying to go off grid.  I learned that there is the Taiwanese version as you linked to and a Chinese knockoff version of the Taiwanese original... as incredible as that sounds.
The Taiwanese version is supposed to be a LOT better and the Chinese Version problematic.

Looking at the link, the first thing that strikes me is the solar input connectors. They look very small to be carrying up to 80 A. The thing does list an input voltage of up to 145V so by running your array at say 100V, you'd knock that amps at max power output to just 24A which seems much more practical. I'd go one better myself and put on an extra panel  for around 120V.  190/ 250W house panels tend to be about 30V VMP so 4 of them would be spot on and pull the amps down to about 20.  This will also reduce the cable size needed  2.5 Mm will handle 25A easily.   I always run my arrays well up on the voltage for this reason.  Easier on the cable and less losses.  Also easier on inverters to drop voltage than increase it.

That would be 2 arrays to get to 2KW but I'd run 3 if you had the panels.  Inverter does not care about amps, only volts and panels are NEVER going to make rated power so to get the full 2 Kilo output without hitting the batteries, you'd definitely want a minimum of 3kw of panels going in and all of my inverters are Double clocked to allow for winter fall off. Can't see that hurting for winter or bad weather.
Used panels are so damn cheap now but inverters are not so best to get the most out of them in my book.

I would suggest doing some research on YT about these things.  I haven't got around to it yet but that is where you will get the real story, from people that are using them. I know here there are also a few people that do the 18650 DIY power walls that use them as well so might find some reference to them on those forums and other off grid boards.

The auto generator start seems like a real good feature. No doubt they have all sorts of monitoring which so many seem pedantic about now.

Diesel has come down here a bit but not as much as petrol. I guess the majority of industry is still using it here and the reduction in buying hasn't hit full effect yet. I'm keeping an eye on everything.  I discovered I have a bunch of Drums up the back I had forgotten about.
They may come in real useful. I have plenty of oil so a 60L of Diesel would be fine and a couple of 200L drums of petrol would be good from a supply and future savings POV.  I was saying to the mrs about watching the price and stocking up last night. I said once this is over, I can see the price well doubling especially if refinery's are closed down or shipping interrupted.

If it gets to the .8X c L mark here, I'll be stocking up on it as a future investment for sure. 

Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: Big funny piston rings
« Last post by mikenash on March 28, 2020, 10:36:49 PM »
Yes.  Good call.  No ridge - I have given it a hone and it's worn/loose but OK for an old CS

In the Current Emergency I'm not sure how internet sales are working?  However the company I work for is "essential" in the current lockdown so we have courier deliveries etc

If you wanted to look at a $$ figure inclusive of delivery to NZ for a cast +40 thou piston and rings, I'd be happy to consider it?

PM me if you like?  Appreciated.  Thanks
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